Executive Marketing and Assessments
RGC Group offers a focused, individualized, multi-phased program for senior executives earning more than $200K who are conducting a job search or considering a career change. Our program includes face-to-face meetings to develop recommendations for meeting your individual goals. We also conduct a career and marketability assessment and help develop your personal marketing plan. Finally, we help launch your search and provide advice on managing your campaign.

Phase 1: Career and Marketability Assessment
Phase 2: Marketing Plans and Preparation
Phase 3: Search Guidance & Management

Phase 1: Career and Marketability Assessment

Includes a career review with a psychologist or licensed professional counselor to clarify skills, interests, motivation, and other personality characteristics that influence career directions. The RGC Group also conducts an assessment of your career using a combination of relevant vocational interests, personality measures and work values instruments as well as 360º feedback interviews with personal references.