Executive Marketing and Assessments
RGC Group offers a focused, individualized, multi-phased program for senior executives earning more than $200K who are conducting a job search or considering a career change. Our program includes face-to-face meetings to develop recommendations for meeting your individual goals. We also conduct a career and marketability assessment and help develop your personal marketing plan. Finally, we help launch your search and provide advice on managing your campaign.

Phase 1: Career and Marketability Assessment
Phase 2: Marketing Plans and Preparation
Phase 3: Search Guidance & Management

Phase 3: Search Guidance and Management

Includes customized career and search coaching, as well as consultation. We will:
  • Conduct research to identify opportunities with corporations, recruiters, and venture capital firms
  • Uncover appropriate job leads and research potential companies for resume submission
  • Provide support and advice when deciding which offer is best suited for you, or when negotiating the employment package
Your personalized executive transition program delivers:
  • Career exploration coaching
  • Career strategy exploration, development and implementation
  • Career review, comprehensive assessment and feedback to assess your strengths and challenges
  • Reference 360° assessment and feedback process
  • Job search coaching
  • Customized resume and biography creation
  • Research assistance to identify targets and opportunities
  • Customized e-mail to targeted companies and search firms
  • Video simulation to strengthen interviewing skills
  • Referral to executive search firms
  • Senior level networking assistance
  • Full access to our powerful online portal offering a wide range of resources for research and career transition support
  • Participation in senior executive networking forums